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Iran to Welcome Turkish Tours

Iran to Welcome Turkish Tours
Iran to Welcome Turkish Tours

Turkish tourism delegates from Izmir and Van will visit Iran in late October, to help set up Turkish tours to the country.

In late September, an exhibition was held in Van, where Aseman Parvaz Iranian tour company took part as the only delegate representing Iran. The tour company’s participation resulted in the signing of a memorandum of agreement between Iran and tourism officials of Van and Izmir, CHN reported, quoting Majid Shekari, CEO of Aseman Parvaz Iranian.

“Based on this MoU, a working group from Izmir together with the provincial head of Van will travel to Iran to see the tourism infrastructure and attractions of the north west of the country.  The means of organizing tours to Iran will be subsequently negotiated”.

Shekari added, after years of organizing outbound tours to Turkey, “it is time to turn the direction of the tours to our own country. We should prepare for receiving Turkish tourists, by offering proper packages.”

There are many similarities in the culture and religion of the two countries, however the image the Turks have of their neighbor is to a large extent distorted by mass media, he said. “Representation in exhibitions, and meetings of the private sector will go a long way toward improving this image.”, he added.

Society of Van artists and the Van Hotel Owners Association are among the delegates visiting Iran.  

Van tourism expo was held on 27-30 September with more than 60 groups from neighboring countries.