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Maritime Tourism in Asalouyeh

Maritime Tourism in AsalouyehMaritime Tourism in Asalouyeh

Given Asalouyeh’s geographical position, development of the region’s tourism would go a long way in helping the economy. To that end, several plans have been put forward, said the governor of Asalouyeh County in Bushehr Province, Hassan Esmaeili. Asalouyeh already receives a large number of visitors annually during the Norouz holidays, Mehr News Agency quoted Esmaeili as saying. The county’s access to the Persian Gulf is a prominent feature of Asalouyeh. To develop maritime tourism, negotiations are underway between provincial officials and Department of Environment, said Esmaeili. A meeting on maritime tourism was recently held to survey the region and brainstorm ideas to help Asalouyeh reach its potential. “Tourism infrastructure needs to be developed,” he said.