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Historical Columns to Be Displayed at Isfahan Subway

Historical Columns to Be Displayed at Isfahan SubwayHistorical Columns to Be Displayed at Isfahan Subway

The recent discovery of the foundations of Jahan Nama Palace in Isfahan on the path of the city’s future subway line raised concerns over the fate of the newly-excavated historical site.

Even though more research needs to be conducted to determine whether or not the excavation site is of historical value, city officials and metro authorities discussed the possibility of displaying the broken columns of the palace at the entrance of Darvazeh Dolat Station, in the vicinity of the excavation site, ISNA reported.

Alireza Jafarizand, an archeologist who has issued numerous warning to city officials to preserve the historical ruins of the palace, welcomed the news. “Showcasing the columns seems like a good idea, and can protect the ruins from further damage. Many unearthed monuments and artifacts of ancient Rome are now on display in public venues as well.

“With proper care, the remnants of the palace will be preserved in the public eye.”

If the idea is realized, Isfahan Municipality has made a significant stride toward preservation of historical artifacts. “Unfortunately the construction of the subway has destroyed every historical monument that happened to be on its way,” Jafarizand said, pointing to the entrance gate of Hezarijari Garden in the Darvazeh Shiraz neighborhood as an example.