1001 Nights in Isfahan
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1001 Nights in Isfahan

The private European train of 1001 Nights will arrive in Isfahan today, as stated in itinerary of the Istanbul - Isfahan journey.

The boarded tourists from Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Singapore, and Turkey will visit Naqsh-e Jahan, the second largest square in the world. The square, measuring 510 by 160 meters, once served as a ground for ‘chogan’, a sport from which polo is derived.
The tour includes Ali-Qapu Palace where the travelers can enjoy a unique view of Naqsh-e Jahan Square from veranda of the palace.
Next up is the Lotfollah Mosque, once a private mosque for the Safavid royal families, but now open to the public.
Jameh Mosque and the Armenian quarters are also on the itinerary. A delicious dinner in an oriental restaurant concludes their day out in Isfahan, before continuing their journey aboard the train to Fars Province.


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