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1001 Nights in Isfahan

1001 Nights in Isfahan
1001 Nights in Isfahan

The private European train of 1001 Nights will arrive in Isfahan today, as stated in itinerary of the Istanbul - Isfahan journey.

The boarded tourists from Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, Spain, Singapore, and Turkey will visit Naqsh-e Jahan, the second largest square in the world. The square, measuring 510 by 160 meters, once served as a ground for ‘chogan’, a sport from which polo is derived.

The tour includes Ali-Qapu Palace where the travelers can enjoy a unique view of Naqsh-e Jahan Square from veranda of the palace.

Next up is the Lotfollah Mosque, once a private mosque for the Safavid royal families, but now open to the public.

Jameh Mosque and the Armenian quarters are also on the itinerary. A delicious dinner in an oriental restaurant concludes their day out in Isfahan, before continuing their journey aboard the train to Fars Province.