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Renovations in Zarch

Renovations in Zarch Renovations in Zarch

In line with provincial officials’ commitment to restoring the historical texture of Yazd Province, restorative work on the historical Amir-al-Mo’menin Mosque and bathhouse of Zarch has begun, IRNA reported. Both structures are nationally-recognized heritage sites.

As part of the project, the supporting piers of the ceiling in the bath and dome of the mosque will be scraped and recoated.

Moreover, handmade bricks will be installed in an effort to renovate the walls while ensuring their authentic look remains intact. The project has a 645-million-rial ($21000) budget.

The structure of the bath greatly resembles Mehrpadin Bathhouse in Mehriz, Yazd Province, which was constructed using bricks and mortar.

The outer walls as well as the roof of the structure were thatched.

As opposed to most bathhouses in Yazd which used to haul water from Chehel Gaz Well using cow-pulled carts, the water of the Zarch bathhouse was supplied directly from Firouzabad Qanat.

The 120-year-old Amir-al-Mo’menin Mosque is one of the most prominent structures of the town. It was founded by Haji Molla Ali Kamal, known as Haj Molla Ali Kuchak.

The historic mosque contains a courtyard, portico, a dome chamber with its wind-catcher, side vestibules, and pillared Shabestans – underground spaces ventilated by wind towers and usually used during summer in olden days.