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Unique Zanjan

Unique Zanjan
Unique Zanjan

The general manager of Zanjan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (CHHTO), Yahya Rahmati, pointed out a few unique facts regarding the province:

The Historical Dome of Soltanieh is the largest brick dome in the world.

The Zanjan Laundry House is the only woman-only launderette in the world.

The Zanjan historical bazaar is the longest covered bazaar in the world.

Zanjan was twice razed to the ground: once by the Mongols, and once during suppression of Babis.

The mummified remains of what is referred to as the Salt men of Zanjan in Chehreh-Abad, is the only known evidence of the clothing worn by common people during the Achaemenid period.