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Kandovan Village May be Nominated for UNESCO List

Kandovan Village May be Nominated for UNESCO ListKandovan Village May be Nominated for UNESCO List

Officials are planning to propose the registration of Kandovan village in East Azerbaijan Province on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, Khabar Online quoted head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) as saying.

During his visit to the province, Masud Soltanifar made a stop at the ancient Kandovan Village and said, “This is one of the last remaining nationally-recognized heritage sites where life is thriving.”

He emphasized the necessity to instill the village in the annals of history, adding: “Certain restorative measures need to be taken here before we can confidently propose the inscription of Kandovan village on the World Heritage List.”

The official cited illegal and excessive construction in the village as other major obstacles that need to be addressed. “Unrestricted construction has damaged the village’s historical texture, and we need to put a stop to it.”

Soltanifar also visited a batik workshop in Osku on his trip, accompanied by the deputy of handicrafts Bahman Namvar-Motlagh. Soltanifar hailed Osku as the center of batik textiles in Iran, adding: “The city’s handicraft industry needs more support to be able to set up more workshops and promote the region’s handicrafts.”