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Workshop on Legal Procedures in Tourism Industry

Workshop on Legal Procedures in Tourism IndustryWorkshop on Legal Procedures in Tourism Industry

The first workshop on legal procedures and regulations relevant to tourism industry, such as obtaining visas was held April 11 in Tehran by the Touring and Automobile Club of Iran (TAC).

The main goals of the one-day workshop were to prevent violation of laws as well as addressing the increasing number of complaints against travel agencies due to the misinterpretation of laws, CHTN reported.

Travel and law experts from different organizations such as the Civil Aviation Organization (CAO) and Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) conducted sessions on topics including, ‘Information on customs, foreign exchange, and vaccinations for travelers’;  ‘Tourism’s regulations and procedures ‘; and ‘Passport and visa’.

At the beginning of the program, the head of public relations office of TAC Shahab Malmir asked the attendees to exchange their ideas, comments, suggestions, or complaints to help TAC develop and boost its services to the industry. He also presented a short report on the club’s history and activities.

About 60 members of the country’s tourism industry attended the workshop such as managers of travel agencies, and officials from CAO and ICHHTO.

The participants received a certificate of attendance.