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Souvenirs and Handicraft of Kurdistan Province

Souvenirs and Handicraft of Kurdistan ProvinceSouvenirs and Handicraft of Kurdistan Province

The handicrafts of Kurdistan Province in western Iran form part of its people’s culture. The handicrafts were developed in the course of history according to the periodical needs of the people.

It enjoys a variety of valuable handicrafts, such as carpet-weaving and wood works, which have garnered world wide popularity. Chessboard and backgammon board are two important and delicate woodworks of this province.

The province boasts various local confectioneries such as Konjed Gazanbin, Badam-Sukhteh, Baslogh, and Nan-Berenji. From among these confectioneries Konjed is specifically made in the provincial capital Sanandaj and is highly favored by tourists.

  Traditional Weaving or (Julai)

The fabrics used in making Julai, the ethnic costumes of Kurdish men, are traditionally woven by specialists who are also called Julais. Other weaving products include Mowj (which is used for wrapping mattresses, pillows and blankets) and Ja-Namaz (over which people say their prayers).

  Weaving Carpets and Rugs

Kurdish carpets and rugs are famous due to their unique Kurdish designs, colors and natural textiles used in their weaving. The cities of Bijar and Sanandaj are known for offering high-quality carpets.

  Klash (ethnic shoes)

Klash is a type of footwear produced in Kurdish speaking areas and is highly suitable for mountainous regions due to the flexibility of its sole. The light-weight of Klash has made it a popular choice among Kurds.

  Musical Instruments

Kurdistan Province has earned a reputation for handcrafting beautiful musical instruments, in large part due to the abundance of high quality wood in the region. The province also boasts a wealth of musical talents which have lent credence to the area’s reputation. Kurdish musical instruments include the Qernête (a double reed musical instrument) and the tembûr (a fretted string instrument).

From among the other handicrafts which are produced in this province we can name stone products, basket weaving, ornaments, leather products and wooden products such as pipes, hubble-bubbles, and make-up boxes.