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Cave Discovered in Khvaf

Cave Discovered in KhvafCave Discovered in Khvaf

A 120-meter long cave as been discovered in the Barabad region of Khvaf country, Khorasan Razavi Province, IRNA News Agency quoted the head of the regional Red Crescent Society Mohammad Amani as saying. The cave, which is the second cave in two months to be discovered in Barabad, was found thanks to a collaborative effort between the regional Mountain Climbing Committee and the Red Crescent Mountain Rescue team. Some 270 km south of provincial capital Mashhad, the cave is inhabited by bats, and reports suggest skeletal remains of certain mammalian species have been discovered within the cave. Countless undiscovered caves abound in Khvaf country, according to aerial images taken last year by the Iranian Cavers and Speleologists Association. Experts believe about 35% of the caves in region can only be explored by experienced and appropriately-geared caver.