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Persian Gulf Archaeology Conference Postponed

Persian Gulf Archaeology Conference PostponedPersian Gulf Archaeology Conference Postponed

An International Archeology Conference on the Persian Gulf was postponed to December; Mehr News quoted head of archaeology research department, research institute of ICHHTO (Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) Hamideh Chubak as saying. The conference was due to be held in May, but Siraf, Bushehr Province, requires more time to prepare for the event. With the postponement, the archeology department will have more time to study significant Elamite sites close to the Persian Gulf, such as Siraf and Lian – an ancient city situated in modern-day Bushehr, the provincial capital. The International Archaeology Conference on the Persian Gulf will coincide with National Research Week (December 12 – 18).  Chinese archeologists are among the most prominent participants of the conference, due to their recent experience with underwater exploration. As such, the archeology department intends to conduct underwater archeology projects in cooperation with China. The focus of ICHHTO’s research institute will be on the Persian Gulf this year. Poster of the conference will be unveiled in a ceremony on May 15 – 17.