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Uzbek Fam Tours Seen as a Success

Uzbek Fam Tours Seen as a Success Uzbek Fam Tours Seen as a Success

Uzbekistan Familiarization Tours (Fam Tours) for Nowruz were successfully conducted from March 17 to March 23, reported the Global Travel Industry News Website, eTurboNews.

The Fam Tours to promote the tourism and culture of Uzbekistan will continue until November 2015.

The purpose of Fam Tours is to familiarize tourism professionals and media representatives with destinations and encourages them to bring future clients to these destinations. Fam Tours are effective not only for showing locations and production resources, but also as tools for establishing personal relationships with potential clients and travelers.

According to Silk Road Destinations, which is conducting the Fam Tours, foreign travel and tourism agents, travel writers, and tourism experts are being invited by the Central Asia Incoming Tourism Agency (CATIA) to promote products Uzbekistan offers to international visitors.

Travel experts and travel writers from France, Italy, and the United States visited Uzbekistan for these tours. Visitors were also shown the Mitan Responsible Tourism Project that got the ‘International To Do 2014 Award’ this year at ITB Berlin.

“The idea behind offering Fam Tours by Silk Road Destinations is not to only promote tourism of Uzbekistan [but] rather to encourage visitors to get a feel of [the] exotic culture of Silk Road destinations and provide opportunities to different cultures to know and understand each other,” said the company in a press statement in late March.

The administrators of Fam Tours in Uzbekistan look at them as great learning tools for travel agents as they learn about the travel products of Uzbekistan and then agents are in position to recommend travel to their customers. Travel writers and documentary producers are also invited to visit destinations so they can write or put such destinations in their writing and travel documentaries. A large number of travel writers and documentary producers visited Uzbekistan through Silk Road destinations and promote Uzbekistan at international travel and tourism events.

FAM tours usually include airfare, ground transportation, accommodation, meals, guides, complimentary entry, and VIP treatment at tourist attractions, private tours, and more.

The next series of Fam Tours will be offered in June, August, and November 2015.

According to Uzbekistan Tourism National reports, spring and autumn are the most visited seasons in Uzbekistan, followed by summer and winter. Generally, there are ten sunny months in Uzbekistan during the entire year.