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Museum Ties with Germany

Museum Ties with GermanyMuseum Ties with Germany

The head of the Munich Museum Five Continents called for closer collaboration between the German museum and its Iranian counterparts, citing Iran’s rich history as a major factor in her push for closer ties. In a meeting with cultural heritage deputy of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) Mohammad Hassan Talebiyan, Christine Kron also expressed her interest and readiness to introduce Iran’s contemporary history in the form of an exhibition in Germany, reported CHTN. The director general of Museums and Historical Moveable Properties, Mohammad Reza Kargar, was also present at the meeting. Talebiyan welcomed the offer to cooperate in the area of cultural heritage and stressed the need for mutual cultural ties and introduction of Iranian cultural figures, noting that the expansion of ties between museums of Iran and other countries is strongly sought by the ICHHTO. Regional collaboration has been established on restoration, preservation, and archaeological activities, said Talebiyan adding that training workshops for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan have been set up as part of the collaboration.