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7 Sites Will Celebrate Nowruz in Tehran

7 Sites Will Celebrate Nowruz in Tehran7 Sites Will Celebrate Nowruz in Tehran

Prior to Nowruz celebrations and over the holidays, seven historical sites in Tehran have been chosen as icons of different periods of Tehran’s history. Free tours to the sites are offered to visitors along with cultural festivals to be held celebrating Iranian traditions and rituals, said director general of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) of Tehran Province, Rajabali Khosro-Abadi.

The first of the seven sites is Saray-e Kazemi (Kazemi’s House) - a symbol of Tehran’s historical residences – and the venue for the first celebration. The structure is an example of the late Qajar period.  Its most dazzling feature is its multicolored stain glass windows. The structure also has a wind-tower.    Participants will attend the ceremony in Imamzadeh Yahya, Rey Street (district 12), after a free visit to historical and cultural attractions of the district, CHTN reported.

A ceremony on March 16 will honor the renowned Iranian poetess, Parvin Etesami, said Khosro-Abadi, adding some of her poems will be recited in memory of her life and her literary contribution.

The Tehran ICHHTO representative listed other places, each presenting one aspect of the capital city and its history: The gate of Bagh-e Melli representing the city gates, Sanglaj as an other example of old Tehran, Sabze Meydan one of the city’s squares, Nowruz Khan Saqqakhaneh introducing history and function of Saqqakhaneh in old Tehran (Saqqakhaneh originally referred to a type of local water-fountain shrine), Si-e Tir (30th of Tir) Street symbolizing the city’s cultural and historical passageways, and finally as the symbol of the capital’s religious places and shrines, Imamzadeh Seyed Isma’il, between 15-Khordad and Mowlavi streets.

The program is held in collaboration with the management of historical areas of district 12 at Tehran Municipality.

Those interested in the first event can contact 021-33546713, 021-33546713, and 021-33546713 or send their complete name via SMS to 5000203000100.