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KFZO Pushing Tourism Agenda

KFZO Pushing Tourism Agenda KFZO Pushing Tourism Agenda

Boosting the tourism industry is key to implementation of the economy of resistance, said managing director of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO), Ali Asghar Mounesan.

Economy of resistance is aimed at promoting knowledge-based economy and domestic production, especially in strategic products and services, curbing dependence on imports and oil revenues.

Pointing to Iran’s tourism capacities Mounesan said “more investment should be made in the industry.”

He referred to the infrastructure projects underway on Kish Island and said expansion of tourism sector tops the agenda of the organization, according to the Public Relations and International Affairs of KFZO.

The construction of urban projects and 29 infrastructure development projects are underway on Kish Island. About $1.7 billion investment has been made in the tourism sector, he noted.

Infrastructure projects aimed at promoting the tourism industry on Kish, include the development of Kish International Airport as well as establishment of an airport and port on Hendurabi Island, the official stated in the opening ceremony of the 8th international exhibition on tourism, hospitality and related industries in Kish Island.

Companies from Iran, Malaysia, Turkey and Croatia put on display their latest achievements and services in tourism related areas.  Electronic tourism, hospitality and related industries, financial institutions and banks, airlines, travel equipment and commodities, tourist attractions, free zones, ecotourism, health tourism, as well hotel decoration were among them.