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Handicraft Exhibition

Handicraft ExhibitionHandicraft Exhibition

A handicrafts exhibition by the renowned pioneers of crafts is held in Qasr museum garden, Tehran, Mehr News reported. Under the auspices of the provincial ICHHTO (Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization) the exhibition has 35 pavilions within Markov museum, showcasing various exquisite products made by 65 artists who have won certain artistic accolades, national decorations, or certificates from ICHHTO. The exhibition opens March 3 and will continue until March 9, and will receive visitors from 10 am to 7 pm. None of the displayed crafts are mass-produced, and many are extremely costly.  Some works come from private galleries, having never before been on public display, awaiting collectors offering the right price.  Those not interested in buying are also welcome to take a perusal. The exhibition is aimed at returning the national handicrafts to its rightful place, handicrafts deputy of ICHHTO Shahram Merikhi told CHN. Some 80% of 320 different crafts are being professionally practiced in Tehran. Due to their exquisiteness, the products deserve a proper exhibition, he said.