Concern Over Soil Erosion
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Concern Over Soil Erosion

Head of the Office of Soil and Water Management of the Department of Environment has warned of the alarming rate of soil erosion in Iran.
In an interview with IRNA, Hassan Pasandideh said that the rate of soil erosion in Iran is three times the global average. "The average global soil erosion is 5 to 6 tons per hectare, whereas in Iran it is 16.7 tons per hectare."
According to Pasandideh, countries that follow appropriate soil and water management guidelines and avoid operations that could speed up soil erosion tend to have richer and more fertile soil.
In addition to natural causes, such as climate change and droughts, human activity has also contributed to soil erosion.
"Destruction of vegetation, overgrazing, tree felling, unsustainable farming practices and poor management have all contributed [to the increase in soil erosion]," he lamented.
Nevertheless, Pasandideh believes there is still time to prevent a catastrophe, if certain measures are taken. Protection of forests and watersheds, soil management, prevention of desertification, and sand stabilization are just as number of ways to slow down the rate of soil erosion, according to Pasandideh.
Commenting on the significance of soil conservation, he said, "It takes between 100 to 10,000 years for an inch of topsoil to form. This makes soil a non-renewable resource."
"We need to use the experience of developed countries that have successfully hindered soil erosion and properly implement their methods in Iran to be able to conserve our soil."

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