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Developments on 4 Hormozgan Islands

Developments on 4 Hormozgan IslandsDevelopments on 4 Hormozgan Islands

In an attempt to further develop tourism and trade in the Islands of the Persian Gulf, Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) is expanding its remit beyond Kish Island and intends to encompass the other Persian Gulf Islands of Hormozgan Province, namely Hendorabi, Greater, and Lesser Farur.

Tourist countries have long-term plans for the tourism industry, director general of Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO) Moonesan said in the final part of the ceremony. The money being circulated in the industry is many billions of dollars, while Iran only receives 4.7 million travelers.

As the country is experimenting with a resistive economy, tourism can be a great boost in this regard. The government of prudence and hope has assigned free zones with an important mission, and the mission of Kish was tourism and trade.

About 15 projects are defined for infrastructures. There are nearly a same number of projects defined in urban development field.  “Also in software development field we took some measures to promote tourism.”

The capacity of ports is increased. A large scale pier is under construction. It will be fit for ocean liners. Airport halls are expanded. An airport terminal is being built. It will be operational in the next spring.

During Fajr festival in early February, 70,000 people visited the island, Moonesan said. KFZO organizes the four islands of Kish, Hendorabi, Greater Farur, and Lesser Farur. The latter three have been neglected so far. Like the rest of the Persian Gulf’s islands they have remained intact. “But we have initiated some developmental projects on the islands,” Moonesan said.

The plan on Hendorabi Island is being completed. It has been devised by domestic and foreign experts. “For the first time, we decided to prepare marketing plan before that of urban development,” he said

KFZO’s expanded agenda was furthered during the recent 8th International Exhibition of Tourism, Hotel and Related Industries, on Kish Island, Hormozgan Province, ISNA reported.

During the opening ceremony, tourism expert and the individual responsible for compiling the first ever tourism encyclopedia, Prof. Jafar Jafari delivered a speech, saying “people usually travel to see mountains, seas, various attractions, and to buy things; but for me, traveling is a window into understanding differences and gaining insights.”

While traveling, one sees the great beauty of the world and gets to understand them. Traveling brings peace and affection. It brings about closer ties in policy, culture, and religion, he added.

Hormozgan representative of the Majlis, Abolqasem Jarare who also spoke referred to the Qur’an’s emphasis on the necessity to travel, and expressed the hope that the country’s tourism can become a secure, profitable industry.

The national development fund has supported the tourism sector to a great extent, he added, and stressed that the path for private sector participation should be smoothed out.

An airport and a pier are the projects started on Hendorabi island. Hendorabi is planned to become a tourist island, he added. In addition to local officials, the representatives of Ardebil and Mazandaran provinces in Majlis also participated in the inauguration ceremony.

Kish music band entertained the attendants, and its performance of a ‘bandari’ style piece drew lots of attention.