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Persian Carpet to Help Protect Pasargad Brown Bear

Persian Carpet to Help Protect Pasargad Brown BearPersian Carpet to Help Protect Pasargad Brown Bear

Foreign tourists who visit the Kolbeh Aghamir (Aghamir Cottage), eco-lodge lodge in Pasargadae county, Fars Province can weave a Persian carpet featuring the Pasargad brown bear as its center piece, said Amir Aqamir, active in environment and tourism of Pasargad.

The 80x100-centimeter carpet is to be woven from natural wool and will bear the flags of different countries along its borders. The area surrounding the center piece will be filled with ancient flower patterns called ‘bear claws’, Mehr News agency reported.

Weaving the carpet aims to revive the old tradition of using bear claws pattern in carpet weaving. It also provides an authentic experience for foreign travelers, who get to be involved in an activity original to the place they are visiting, Aghamir emphasized.

The carpet is to be unveiled after the 14th International Environment Exhibition (Iran Enviro 2015), in Tehran which was held from February 21 to 24. The first knot of the carpet will be made by a foreign tourist and the finishing time of the whole project will depend on the number of tourists who visit Pasargad.

Aghamir’s bear carpet project is in line with a campaign that was initiated in January under the title of ‘Khersi’ (the diminutive for bear) to help protect the bear and under the auspices of Pasargad Cultural Heritage Advocates Association. Its promotional mascot is a brown bear called Khersi. The mascot is made of organic sheep’s wool. Khersi has a backpack containing information on how the animals can be protected. To emphasize the peaceful intention of the campaign, the mascot has a white wristband.

Khersi is also introduced to the tourism industry to help promote biodiversity of Pasargad county, Fars Province.

Over a 1000 activists, specialists, and individuals involved in tourism and the environment signed a petition to support the campaign during the 8th Iranian Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (IFTGA) convention in Mashhad (February 17 - 20).

Visiting the Enviro 2015, vice president and head of Department of Environment (DoE), Masoumeh Ebtekar, received a report on the campaign’s activities so far and joined the official supporters of the campaign by signing the petition.

A ban on bear hunting has been instigated since January 2014, in an area of 166 hectares in the meadows of Pasargad county, which has long been a habitat of the brown bear.  This marks the most significant measure put in place so far to protect this rare and endangered species.