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Top 10 Family Destinations

Top 10 Family DestinationsTop 10 Family Destinations

Journeys International, the first adventure travel company to offer trips designed specifically for families based in the US, announced today the top 10 family destinations for 2015. Trips are specifically designed for kids, teens and multi-generational travelers.

Costa Rica, Peru, Panama, China, Japan, Thailand, Tanzania, South Africa, Galapagos (Ecuador), and Indonesia are the 10 places families intend most to visit during their vacations, CHN reported.

“Firsthand research, feedback from our clients, and the expert knowledge of our on-the-ground guides indicate that these 10 destinations offer the very best opportunities for family travelers in 2015,” said Robin Weber Pollak, President of Journeys International. “These countries provide unique, safe, hands-on culture and wildlife experiences that will engage explorers of any age.”

Even though family travel has been in the news recently as a “hot” travel trend in 2015, Journeys for Families has successfully guided families in destinations all around the world for decades. “This is not a new trend for us; Journeys for Families is the expert in family travel and has been for years”, said Sally Grimes-Chesak, Director of Marketing and Family Programs.  

“Our itineraries focus on providing activities that interest both kids and adults, while allowing the oh-so-important but oft-ignored downtime that is key to a good family trip.

We aim for “home base” hotel stays that minimize moving and repacking during the trip. And, our hand-picked guides possess a unique energy and excitement that makes kids feel right at home.”

The company is especially excited about three trips designed specifically for families with teenagers, Costa Rica Adventure for Teens, Wild Indonesia for Families with Teens, and Incas & Amazon for Families with Teens.

“Most companies have family trips that focus on the younger kids, but rarely plan specifically for teenagers,” Grimes-Chesak said. “We understand that different ages of kids require different itineraries, and we built these three trips specifically around the interests and needs of older kids.”

In 2015, Journeys for Families has over 20 itineraries in 18 destinations, and a total of nearly 30 family group departures scheduled. Plus, itineraries can be customized and planned around the dates that work for the travelers.

  Treks for Families

As another part of their itineraries for families, the company also named top treks for families in 2015 as trekking is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel, providing an opportunity to experience landscapes and cultures on a deeply intimate level.  

Out of more than 200 trips and 89 active adventures, Journeys International has selected five as the most unique and rewarding treks.

The list includes Fall Festivals East of Everest in Arun Valley, Nepal, Patagonia Discovery Safari in Chile (Torres del Paine W Trek), Mountain Lodge Trek to Macchu Picchu in Peru (Lares Trail), Tanzania Full Moon Kili Climb, and Uganda Gorilla Tracking.

Robin Weber Pollak provided her expert advice about these five treks during the New York Times Travel Show’s ‘Adventure Hiking, Bike and Walking Trips.

“We’ve selected what we think are the best treks right now. They are hiking trips that go beyond the trails you hear about on every top trips list,” said Weber Pollak. “For example, gorilla tracking in Uganda doesn’t occur to many travelers who want to hike, but it is a strenuous hiking experience as well as one of the most powerful and intimate wildlife encounters available.”

Will Weber, co-founder of Journeys International, shared his thoughts on the power of trekking and why Journeys highlighted these five trips in particular.

“Leaving roads, vehicles and utilities behind and finding a physical rhythm of travel creates indelible and positive memories. These five Journeys treks stand out because of the magnificent scenery and the profound wonder and appreciation that comes from the trekking experience.”

  About Journeys International

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Journeys International has been creating guided, custom and family adventures for international travelers since 1978. Family-owned and operated, Journeys International’s private and small group trips emphasize cultural and environmental awareness and family trips are designed with all ages in mind.