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Iran - Turkey Tourism Agreement

Iran - Turkey Tourism AgreementIran - Turkey Tourism Agreement

Iran and Turkey will soon implement a bilateral tourism agreement, Mehr News reported. The agreement is to be implemented as it was approved by the Turkish cabinet.

Based on a bill passed by the Turkish cabinet and published in Turkey’s official daily on February 11, the legal procedures of the tourism agreement were finalized by the Turkish side.

The cooperation agreement had been signed by the officials of the two countries along with 10 other documents in late spring when President Rouhani visited Ankara to participate in the first meeting of the supreme council for strategic cooperation between Iran and Turkey.

According to the deal, Iran and Turkey will reach a common ground in their rules and regulations on investment plans to be implemented in tourism. The two countries will also facilitate touristic festivals and exhibitions, and interact reinventing the Silk Road tourism.

Over 1.5 million Iranians  visit Turkey each year. As the result of the recent improvements in Iran’s touristic services, the number of Turkish visitors to Iran has increased to 300,000 per year; and the cooperation document is expected to attract more Turkish tourists to Iran.

Turkey is currently a major tourist destination in the world. It received 36 million foreign tourists last year, earning $33 billion