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South Korea Tourism Targets

South Korea Tourism TargetsSouth Korea Tourism Targets

Iran, Egypt, and the Persian Gulf states are the main target markets for South Korean tourism in 2015, said Shafiq Ibrahim, marketing manager of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) at its Dubai office, CHTN reported. Iran and Egypt have become two significant target destinations South Korea’s tourism market.  “Marketing and related activities in reach our goal is already underway since last November, 2014,” he asserted. Speaking with the press during his visit to the 8th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition (TITE), he pointed to the 20,000 or so Iranian tourists who traveled to South Korea in 2010. The figure decreased in the following years, but fortunately, in 2014, “the number of Iranian visitors to South Korea is on the rise once again.” According to the estimations of KTO, this figure is set to continue to rise in 2015. The two countries are to expand ties in the field of tourism and this has been further developed with South Korean representation during TITE, Ibrahim noted.