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Kish Islamic-Iranian Approach Hailed

Kish Islamic-Iranian Approach HailedKish Islamic-Iranian Approach Hailed

The development of public and tourist spaces on Kish Island which feature Iranian Islamic values is a praiseworthy endeavor, said President’s chief adviser and the secretary of the supreme council of Iran Free Zones, Akbar Torkan, KFZO website reported.

He made the comments during a visit to “Kish House” on February 11. The Kish house, or Kish House of anthropology, is situated in the ‘Sefin’ region on the island and dates back to around 200 years ago, covering an area of 200 sq.m

The local residents of the island have transformed the traditional residence to a museum-like site to showcase the culture and history of Kish natives.

Managing Director of Kish Free Zone Organization along with a number of KFZO senior officials accompanied Torkan during the visit. Torkan also visited the Iranian Garden project, which is underway on the Persian Gulf Island.

The Iranian Garden Project is a complex including 8 different Persian gardens containing elements and styles of Iranian art and architecture and exhibiting historical and natural attractions of the country.

The project features 10 historical monuments of Iranian cities and introduces different ethnic cultures across a distance of about 4.5 kilometers.

Its journey begins at the Shiraz Qur’an gate, which is situated in Kish Sa’di Square, passes through Siosepol gate (Isfahan), Imam Mohammad Ghazali gate (Khorasan), Raghabad gate (Kerman), Pol-e Dokhtar gate (Loretsan), Alishah Citadel gate (Tabriz), and Tagh Bostan gate (Kermanshah), and ends in Darvazeh Shemiran (meaning Shemiran gate) and Bagh-e Melli (meaning National Garden) both in Tehran. The last gate of the total 8 gardens is located in Hormoz Square in Kish.