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Norwegian Envoy Critical of Propaganda Against Iran

Norwegian Envoy Critical of Propaganda Against IranNorwegian Envoy Critical of Propaganda Against Iran

Norwegian Ambassador to Tehran Odyssey Norheim says the foreign media portray an inaccurate image of Iran.

Norheim made the remarks in a meeting with the governor of Fars Province in its capital city Shiraz, south Iran.

Criticizing negative propaganda by the foreign media, she said, unlike media-distorted reports of Iran, foreign tourists who visit the country present a true image of Iran to their fellow countrymen, according to IRNA.

Referring to the significant status of Shiraz in Iran’s tourism, Norheim said she would invite Norwegian companies to visit the province and become closely familiar with its tourist attractions.She also called for promotion of Iran-Norway economic ties.

Referring to a recent visit to Tehran by the Norwegian foreign minister, Norheim said the visit could play a vital role in boosting bilateral cooperation. A final agreement in nuclear talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 would further help increase collaboration between Iran and Norway, she was quoted as saying.