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Hotel Abbasi on Fire

Hotel Abbasi on FireHotel Abbasi on Fire

The parking to Isfahan’s very famous Hotel Abbasi and parts of the Isfahan Bazaar were burnt down last night, February 10. A vehicle reportedly carrying firework materials near Charbagh Abbasi Street, close to the hotel and bazaar, blew up and caused the fire. The fire is also said to have burnt parts of the green spaces and trees behind the hotel, according to Mehr News agency. The blaze was eventually extinguished and caused no major injuries; a few suffered minor respiratory problems caused by smoke inhalation, and were taken to hospital for treatment. The public relations department of Isfahan emergency services said: “All the casualties were immediately admitted to hospital, received the necessary treatment, and are in a stable condition.” Abbasi Hotel is one the most beautiful and most expensive hotels of Isfahan and Iran, and dates back to Safavid era.