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Clean Cave Day

Clean Cave DayClean Cave Day

Nature lovers will clean the country’s caves on the occasion of the “Clean Cave Day” on September 26.

September 24 every year is called “Clean Cave Day” by the Association of Iranian cavers and speleogists. Every Friday since the Clean Cave Day, cavers and nature lovers throughout the country take a bag, go to the caves in their province, and clean the caves.

This year, 80 caves are to be cleansed. Shiraz city with 15 caves has the most number on the agenda, followed by Khorasan Razavi with 9. Tehran, the capital, too, has two caves to be cleaned.

The Bureau of Environment Education at the Department of Environment (DoE), is allocating $162,500 to raise awareness about the importance of caves and their vulnerability among the local communities, CHN reported quoting the head of Iranian Cavers and Speleologists Association (ICSA), Javad Nezamdoust. This focus is in line with the coming World Tourism Day’s (September 27) special attention to ‘Community development’.

A conference named “Clean Cave Day, Focusing on Ecotourism”, is due to be held on September 25-26. In organizing the event, The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO), EoD and local communities will collaborate.

Iran has numerous caves. The biggest salt cave and water cave in the world are in Iran. Some of the animals living in these caves are also unique in the world.