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Bazeh Hur Explored

Bazeh Hur Explored
Bazeh Hur Explored

Archaeologists from Tehran University are exploring the monument of Bazeh Hur, 60 km from Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, Mehr News reported. They are probing the site, located south of Robat Sefid village, hoping to find their long sought answers.

The Sassanid Era ‘chartaq’ or 4 arches structure of Bazeh Hur has been suspected to be a road guarding post, a fire temple, or an imperial building.

The building plan resembles that of a typical Sassanid fire temple, but there has been no trace of a fire altar or fire pedestal in the building.

The exploration team is led by archaeologist Dr. Meisam Labaf Khaniki, a member of Tehran University’s scientific board.

The monument of Bazeh Hur had been studied by architect / archaeologist Ernst Hertzfeld (1879 – 1948) and art historian / archaeologist Andre Godard (1881 – 1965) who wrote articles about the monument.

The first exploration season, authorized by Archaeology Research Center, started on August 27. So far 19 excavations have been conducted in and round the building.

Due to a robust foundation, the building of Bazeh Hur has maintained its consistency, Labaf Khaniki said. In olden times, caravans from south Khorasan, Sistan-and-Baluchestan, and Kerman passed by this building before they reached Mashhad.