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Hamedan Hotels Offer Discount

Hamedan Hotels Offer DiscountHamedan Hotels Offer Discount

Hotels in Hamedan Province are offering a 50% discount, CHTN quoted public relations office of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO) in the province as saying.

The director general of the provincial ICHHTO Reyhan Sorush Moqadam participated in the opening ceremony of the Hamedan Winter Festival on January 26. The festival will continue until February 24, and is aimed to attract tourists and create jobs, Sorush Moqadam said.

“Our long term vision for the Hamedan Winter Festival is that it becomes an international event,” the director general said, adding “the province offers attractions for tourists yearlong, but our winter attractions are unique.” Each of the major cities in Hamedan feature programs within its respective cultural and touristic context.

There is a 50% discount for hotel rooms, and 30% discount for services provided by Alisadr Tourism Company, which is in cooperation with the Iran Touring and Tourism Investment Company (ITTIC), Hamedan city municipality, and the coordinating organization of provincial municipalities. There are also some discounts in certain Hamedan the shopping centers.

‘Snow and Juice’, recitation of Baba Taher’s (Local poet and mystic) poems, sightseeing tours, painting contests, and sport activities are among the programs of the festival. Hamedan Province is perfect for cliff hanging, mountaineering and winter sports.