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Pollution-Fighting Tower in Taiwan

Pollution-Fighting Tower in TaiwanPollution-Fighting Tower in Taiwan

A twisting tower meant to fight pollution is almost complete in Taipei, Taiwan. The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower, also known as Agora Garden, has a double helical design that architect Vincent Callebaut says is based on a strand of DNA, UNI reported. The building will house 40 luxury condominiums and 23,000 trees and bushes. The flora will be incorporated throughout the structure, such as below the glass floors of hallways. Callebaut says the plant-covered high rise is meant to fight global warming and air pollution. According to a CNN interview, the building will also utilize rainwater recycling and rooftop solar panels. The architect estimates the tower’s greenery will absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to the emissions of about 27 cars. Callebaut admitted this is a small step but it could be a pioneering one in sustainable living.

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