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Potential Solution to Tackle Pollution

Potential Solution to Tackle PollutionPotential Solution to Tackle Pollution

Scientists from the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven in Belgium have developed a device that filters polluted air and, through that process, produces energy. The device is a two-roomed photoelectrochemical cell. In one room of the cell, air is filtered in and purified using a photoanode. The process produces hydrogen, which is collected by a cathode behind the membrane that separates the two rooms. This hydrogen can be stored and later used as fuel, Futurism reported. “In the past, these cells were mostly used to extract hydrogen from water. We have now discovered that this is also possible, and even more efficient, with polluted air,” explained Professor Sammy Verbruggen, an author of the study, in a news release on KU Leuven's website. While the researchers’ tiny device is still a long way from being useful against pollution, this type of thinking and innovation are key to progress. Clean energy production and pollution are both massive and worsening environmental, financial and medical issues.

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