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Porcupine Injury Points to Cheetah in Kurdestan

Porcupine Injury Points to Cheetah in KurdestanPorcupine Injury Points to Cheetah in Kurdestan

A porcupine in Kousalan and Shahou Protected Area, which was attacked and badly injured by a predator, was treated by environment officials in Sarvabad County, Kurdestan Province. Porcupine is a rare species in Iran.

The animal had a deep wound on its back and was unable to move due to severe blood loss, IRNA reported.

It was immediately transferred to the county capital, also named Sarvabad, for treatment by the protection unit of the local Department of Environment.   

“The porcupine is currently in good condition and cared for in a metal cage. It will be returned to the wild once it has fully recovered,” said Hassan Qaderi, the head of Sarvabad’s DOE office.

The rare rodent is a fully grown male, 80 cm in length with a 10-cm tail and 35-40-cm quills. It weighed 15 kg when it was found.

Porcupines are rodentian mammals with a coat of sharp spines or quills that protect against predators. They are the largest rodentian mammals found primarily in the northern Iranian regions.

Following an examination of the wounds and the fact that porcupines are commonly hunted by Asiatic cheetah, experts believe the animal was attacked by a cheetah.

“The type of the injury on this animal’s body has increased the odds of cheetahs’ dwelling in Kousalan and Shahou Protected Area,” said the official.

Spanning 57,000 hectares, the protected area extends across Sarvabad, Marivan and Kamyaran counties in Kurdestan Province.

The area enjoys a rich biodiversity and exceptional rural landscape. It was declared a protected area in 2008.

So far, 117 birds, 23 mammals, 17 reptiles and 242 plant species have been identified in the region.


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