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Majlis Focusing on Environmental Bills

Majlis Focusing on Environmental BillsMajlis Focusing on Environmental Bills

In the new Iranian year that started on March 21, the Iranian Parliament has given special attention to environmental bills that had been gathering dust for over a year.

Following the approval of a new article of the Clean Air Bill last week, the parliament has begun work on a bill aimed at reviving and preserving wetlands, ISNA reported.

Proposed by the Department of Environment and approved by the Cabinet on 10 May 2015, the bill was sent to the parliament for review in early July 2015.

In a session late last week, the general outline of the bill and its first article gained the approval of a majority of lawmakers.

“The DOE has been tasked with preparing the guidelines for preventing irreparable harm or pollution in wetlands within six months and submit it to the Cabinet,” said Mohammad Mojabi, deputy for legal and parliamentary affairs at DOE.

Mojabi hoped that this year will be marked by effective policymaking for improving the state of air and water across the country.

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