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Six Irish Dog Breeds Threatened

Six Irish  Dog Breeds ThreatenedSix Irish  Dog Breeds Threatened

Six of Ireland’s native dog breeds are now vulnerable to extinction, according to a new book called "Suddenly, While Abroad–Hitler's Irish Slaves" by David Blake Knox. As reported by the Irish Examiner, the six breed include the Irish red and white setter, Irish water spaniel, Kerry beagle, Kerry blue, Glen of Imaal terrier and Irish terrier. "However, there are varying degrees to which each of the six dogs is considered vulnerable," Blake Knox said in his book. The landscape for dogs in Ireland has changed a lot over the last number of centuries with their purpose flipping from one of function, such as hunting or retrieving, to providing humans with companionship. There were also a smaller variety of dog breeds in Ireland than there is today. “One hundred years ago, there were 20 or 30 different breeds of dogs in the country, now there are probably a couple of hundred,” he said. “Now native breeds only comprise about 10% of the pedigree dog population.”


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