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Fresh Relief for Jazmourian Wetland

Fresh Relief for  Jazmourian WetlandFresh Relief for  Jazmourian Wetland

Unexpectedly high rainfall in southern Iran over the past few months has partly revived the central area of Jazmourian Wetland, said a senior environment official in Kerman Province.

"The water level in some sections has risen by 30 centimeters," said Qasem Shokrizadeh, the head of the provincial office of the Department of Environment. 

Nestled between the provinces of Kerman and Sistan-Baluchestan, Jazmourian is one of two major wetlands in southeast Iran, the other being Hamouns.

"A significant part of the water comes from tributaries located in Sistan," IRNA quoted the official as saying. 

The wetland last flooded in June 2007, when Cyclone Gonu dumped over 5 inches of rain over the basin. That ended years of unusual drought, which had seen the lake in the central basin remain dry for several years. 

Two principal rivers, Bampur from the east and Halilroud from the west, flow into the basin. However, neither river brings much water to the central parts of the basin to feed the lake, as their waters are largely or totally withdrawn for agriculture on the way.

The wetland’s water right is estimated at 23 million cubic meters a year, which experts say are insufficient to restore the lagoon. Jazmourian is on the knife-edge of complete desiccation as a result of climate change, excessive dam construction and depletion of groundwater resources.

In its prime, the wetland hosted countless migratory birds and marine species.

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