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More Rain Predicted

More Rain PredictedMore Rain Predicted

Iran is expected to receive more rainfall this week, as the cold front covering most of eastern and south-central Iran is predicted to stay until Friday. Speaking to ISNA, Ahad Vazifeh, the head of Weather Forecasting Office at Iran's Meteorological Organization, said the cold front will push toward the northern and western regions in the coming days. "There will be a perceptible drop in temperature in the west, northwest and northeast," he said, adding that those regions will experience an increase in precipitation. "The coastal regions of northern Iran will also experience lower temperatures, which will be followed by rainfall." The official said the provinces of Yazd, South Khorasan and Sistan-Baluchestan may have to prepare for strong winds that could turn into dust storms. "Khuzestan and Bushehr will also experience dust storms, though much less intense," Vazifeh said. 


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