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Urbanization Encroaching on Wildlife Habitats

Urbanization Encroaching on Wildlife HabitatsUrbanization Encroaching on Wildlife Habitats

Tehran’s wildlife need to be fed artificially during winter as their habitats at lower altitudes, where food is plentiful naturally, have been obstructed by urban structures, according to a local environmental official.

Mohammad Karami, the head of the Wildlife Office at Tehran’s Department of Environment, said fodder is provided for animals in the cold seasons so that they do not have to enter urban areas where they are at high risk of being involved in accidents, ILNA reported.

“During winter, when snow blankets higher altitudes, animals like the wild sheep and deer instinctively move downhill to find food. But their routes have now been blocked by highways and roads and other constructions in areas such as Varjin and Lavasanat (both areas in northeast Tehran),” he said.

Karami added that the manual feeding is not due to a shortage of fodder but because of human encroachment on habitats and pastures where animals graze.

“Fortunately, adequate food is easily provided each year,” he said.

The official noted that the wildlife office has allocated a budget for the provision of forage, while people also donate a substantial amount of food.

Karami said people donate forage as part of their votive offerings and assist us in feeding the animals.


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