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France Announces Anti-Pollution Plan

France Announces Anti-Pollution Plan France Announces Anti-Pollution Plan

The French government has announced an anti-pollution plan, including a financial boost to buy electric vehicles, as Paris and other cities in the country are emerging from a particularly severe bout of air pollution. Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs Minister Segolene Royal said on Saturday professionals will get a bonus of up to €10,000 ($10,600) if they scrap their old diesel-powered commercial vehicles or taxis for electric ones, starting next month. The measure has been in effect for private buyers since last year, AP reported. Royal also promised to exempt electric vehicles from highway tolls, in addition to giving a €1,000 ($1,060) bonus when buying electric scooters. The traffic plan, which alternately bans cars with odd or even license plates from the city limits, was enforced for a record four days in Paris last week, when the French capital experienced its worst winter pollution in a decade.  However, it was dropped after the pollution improved over the weekend when the roads were less busy.


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