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Wales Wildlife in Trouble

Wales Wildlife in TroubleWales Wildlife in Trouble

A new report into the state of wildlife in Wales has revealed that one in 14 species is heading for extinction. Leading experts from 50 wildlife and research organizations have found that 57% of wild plants, 60% of butterflies and 40% of birds are in decline in Wales, ITV reported. Stephen Bladwell, RSPB Cymru Biodiversity manager and one of the authors of the 2016 report, says the findings suggest that land management and climate change are two of “the greatest factors that impact nature”. “Never before have we known this much about the state of nature in Wales and the threats it is facing. For the first time, we’ve been able to identify and quantify the main reasons why our wildlife is changing,” said Bladwell. However, the report authors suggest that there is some “good news”, with conservation measures helping to reverse species and habitat decline. “We know that, when implemented well, conservation measures work and can help reverse species and habitat decline. This is evident in numbers of otters and bats, as well as butterflies like the ringlet and birds such as the red kite,” he said.