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Grassing OK in Tehran

Grassing OK  in TehranGrassing OK  in Tehran

Tehran’s Governorate has declared that the use of grass in the capital’s green spaces is not prohibited while urging the municipality to consider less water-intensive alternatives. Last December, Tehran Parks and Green Space Organization made a statement instructing all 22 municipal districts to reduce creating grassy lawns in public spaces due to their high maintenance costs and unsustainable need for water. Gholamhossein Aram, a deputy at Tehran Governorate, however, stressed that the use of grass is still allowed since untreated water is used for irrigating urban green areas and the municipality is not having trouble supplying the resource. “Besides, modern irrigation methods used in Tehran help save considerable amounts of water,” he said, ISNA reported. Nevertheless, he encouraged Tehran Municipality to look for alternatives to grass, which do not require as much water.