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Mazandaran MPs Oppose Controversial Water Scheme

Mazandaran MPs Oppose Controversial Water SchemeMazandaran MPs Oppose Controversial Water Scheme

Lawmakers from Mazandaran Province oppose the highly contentious issue of transferring water from Caspian Sea to Semnan Province, which will inevitably pass through Mazandaran.

The scheme aims to address Semnan’s water woes by supplying the drought-hit province’s demand with water from Caspian Sea in the north, Mehr News Agency reported.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting held on Sunday, Hossein Niaz-Azari, the spokesman of Mazandaran caucus in Majlis, “The caucus is unanimously against the scheme. We urge the government to work on completing unfinished water-related projects in province, as they are more important.”

Critics have long argued that pumping water from the sea will eventually lead to an increase in Caspian Sea’s salinity, endangering the countless habitats it supports.