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Hunting, Fishing Banned in Bilo

Hunting, Fishing Banned in BiloHunting, Fishing Banned in Bilo

The Department of Environment has banned hunting and fishing in Bilo Plains in Kurdestan Province to preserve the region’s pristine nature and protect its ecosystem.

Located 15 kilometers from Marivan, Bilo is a 40-hectare plain and home to pristine springs and lush grasslands dotted with trees. Decades-old oak trees and a variety of animals, including storks, have made the area an attractive spot for tourists.

According to an official of the provincial DOE office, the department has designated the region as a no-hunting zone and banned carrying firearm in the protected area.

“Those who violate the new rules will be prosecuted,” IRNA quoted Mohammad Haqmoradi, an official at the DOE’s Public Relations Office, as saying.

“If hunting in a region is thought to pose danger to the animals’ numbers, it will be banned in the area for five years, allowing the wildlife population time to recover.”

An increasing number of species in the country are edging closer to extinction. The Gazelle, Persian fallow deer and Asiatic cheetah are among the most threatened species in Iran, targeted by both local and foreign hunters.