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Artificial Water Holes for Protected Zone

Artificial Water Holes for Protected ZoneArtificial Water Holes for Protected Zone

Work has begun on the construction of artificial water holes in the Kavir Markazi Protected Zone in Varamin County to alleviate the effects of the hot summer and drought on the animals inhabiting the region.

Varamin is one of the driest regions in Tehran Province.

Speaking to IRNA, Mansour Golmohammadi, the head of Varamin office of the Department of Environment, said on Tuesday the location of the water holes was determined after surveying the protected zone and identifying the most populated spots.

“When their construction is complete, water will be transferred to the sources via water tankers,” he said.

“Recently, a 30,000-liter water hole was built in Kavir Markazi, increasing the total number of water holes in the protected zone to eight.”

Park rangers will carry out regular disinfection of the water and monitor the water supply systems.

“These measures will prevent the outbreak of diseases among the animals. In addition, the park rangers will ensure the safety of animals and protect them from poachers.”

The protected zone in Varamin is home to numerous species, including wild goat, Persian ram, ewe and chinkara.

Located in southeastern Tehran Province, Varamin has a hot and arid climate with low precipitation, which contributes to the above-average water consumption per capita in the region.