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New Guidelines on Euthanasia of Dogs

New Guidelines on Euthanasia of Dogs
New Guidelines on Euthanasia of Dogs

The Department of Environment has denied claims by a Tehran City Council member that it monitors the euthanasia of stray dogs carried out by Tehran Municipality.

On Monday, Rahmatollah Hafezi, chairman of the city council’s Health Commission, was quoted as saying by ISNA that around 750 stray dogs are caught in the Iranian capital, which are then euthanized under the supervision of environment officials.

However, Mahmoud Mar’ashi, an expert on wildlife diseases at DOE, has denied Hafezi’s claim that the practice is carried out under the department’s supervision.

“A set of guidelines is being prepared to regulate euthanasia of stray animals by a newly-established committee at the Iran Veterinary Organization,” he said, adding that the municipality “is following an older regulation to put the dogs down and the DOE is not involved in the process”.

Euthanasia refers to the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering. However, there have been reports that brutal animal killings happening in the city corners has nothing to do with the concept.

“Related entities have not yet been notified of the regulations. So Tehran Municipality’s actions are based on earlier instructions and the DOE has no responsibility in the matter,” he said.