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“Extinct” Parrot Spotted After 15 Years

“Extinct” Parrot Spotted After 15 Years“Extinct” Parrot Spotted After 15 Years

For the last 15 years, Spix’s Macaw has been presumed extinct in the wild. That’s until one of the blue-feathered parrots was spotted and caught on video flying near the town of Curaca, Brazil. Conservationists say the appearance of the mysterious rare bird represents “a new hope” for the area, NPR reported. The rare parrot appeared in a nearby riparian forest and a local farmer managed to catch it on video. Although the footage is not high quality, the bird’s appearance and sound are enough to convince ICMBio, the government environmental agency charged with biodiversity conservation, and BirdLife International, an international conservation group responsible for with assessing the status of the bird. “It’s clear, it’s a Spix’s Macaw,” says Pedro Develey, CEO of the conservation group SAVE Brasil. The bird’s existence presents a mystery, he says – “Is it a wild bird, or a captive bird that was released or escaped?” He adds that it was probably a captive bird because conservationists have had extensive presence in the area where they would have likely seen it previously.