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Scotland Meets Emission Goals

Scotland Meets Emission GoalsScotland Meets Emission Goals

The Scottish government said on Tuesday it has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions and met its goals for 2020 years ahead of schedule. “Scotland is making outstanding progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said in a statement. Data published by the Scottish government show total emissions are down 12.5% year-on-year and are 45.8% below a baseline level based on 1990 emissions. Scotland is besting the British rate of decline by 6.5%, UPI reported. “These statistics show that we not only met the annual 2014 emissions reduction target but also exceeded the level of our world-leading 2020 target for a 42% reduction, six years ahead of schedule,” the secretary said. A report from the World Bank finds that while investments in oil and gas are down, capital flowing toward renewables is at record highs. The Scottish climate secretary said when it comes to advancing low-carbon alternatives, more progress can be made. “New goals for 2020,” Cunningham added, “are imminent.” “We are not complacent and we will continue to take action and encourage others to do their bit to tackle climate change.”