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Grounds Prepared to Launch Low Emission Zone

Grounds Prepared to Launch Low Emission ZoneGrounds Prepared to Launch Low Emission Zone

The highly-anticipated centralized vehicle inspection system, a major component of the Low Emission Zone Plan, is finally ready after the parties involved ironed out the details of the system’s access to people’s data.

The centralized system, which is generally referred to by its Persian acronym SIMFA, was the only remaining obstacle in the way of launching the LEZ plan, as discussions over what type of information can be accessed through the system had delayed its implementation, ISNA reported.

SIMFA enables access to the traffic police database at the Interior Ministry, but due to the importance of data security and protecting people’s personal information from falling into the wrong hands, special attention is being given to the topic.

“We’ve sorted out the issue and the system is now connected to the database,” said Saeed Motessadi, a deputy at the Department of Environment.

Motessadi, however, did not say what level of access the system will have to people’s data.

“A number of inspection centers across Tehran have been granted access to the system on a trial basis and SIMFA will be made available to all authorized centers in the capital soon,” he said.

SIMFA was devised to ensure every car is subjected to the same stringent tests whose results are monitored by relevant authorities to reduce the chances of cheating.

The LEZ scheme, which was ratified in August 2015 by the High Council for Coordination of Urban Traffic, was supposed to be launched in January but was suspended due to the lack of a centralized system for the technical inspection of cars.

The LEZ system will prevent vehicles with higher emissions from entering the zones. In some low emission areas, the more polluting vehicles have to pay more if they want to enter the low emission zone.