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Recycled Wastewater for Irrigation

Recycled Wastewater for IrrigationRecycled Wastewater for Irrigation

A plan to irrigate farmlands using recycled wastewater will be piloted before the current Iranian year is out in March 2017. “The plan was proposed last year and has been given top priority,” said Sirous Ebrahimi, head of the Water and Soil Bioremediation Committee at the Vice President’s Office for Scientific and Technological Affairs, IRNA reported.  “Modern methods will be used in treating urban wastewater so that it can be recycled in the agriculture sector,” said the official. Unsustainable farming practices gobble up over 90% of the declining water resources in the country, exacerbated by inefficient irrigation techniques. Given the large volume of wastewater produced in most cities and metropolises, the scheme is expected to help meet a substantial portion of the agricultural sector’s water demand and help reduce reliance on and depletion of groundwater resources.