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Dam Water Level Low

Dam Water Level LowDam Water Level Low

The water level in the Zayandehroud Dam reservoir has declined by 10% to 12% due to low precipitation in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari (where the Zayandehroud River originates) and Isfahan (where the dam is located).  “This makes upholding the river’s water rights difficult,” Hamid Zahrabi, head of the Department of Environment office in Isfahan Province, was quoted as saying by YJC. The reservoir has been opened to supply Isfahan’s farms with the dam water, but unless water policies are overhauled, it is going to be extremely challenging to uphold the river’s water rights while at the same time supply local farms’ needs. “It is only via comprehensive plans with regard to water consumption in all sectors that the allocation of Zayandehrud and Gavkhuni water rights could be ensured,” the official said.