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Wetland in Chaldoran Thriving

Wetland in Chaldoran ThrivingWetland in Chaldoran Thriving

Increased precipitation and melting snow have helped raise the water level of Pirahmad Kandi Wetland by 30 centimeters, IRIB News Agency reported. Furthermore, the wetland has expanded in size, covering nearly 65 hectares. Located in Chaldoran County in West Azarbaijan Province, the wetland hosts flocks of birds in the spring that travel to the lagoon in search of mild weather and a place to lay eggs. About 30 species of birds make the journey to Pirahhmad every spring, including the Eurasian crane. Iran has experienced relatively good amount of rainfall since the water year began in September 2015, helping the restoration efforts of imperiled water bodies such as Lake Urmia.