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Funds to Check Desertification

Funds to Check Desertification  Funds to Check Desertification

The government has earmarked 600 billion rials ($17.4 million) for anti-desertification and reforestation projects for the current fiscal year (started March 20), according to Abbas Kargar, director of the Desert Affairs Office at the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization. “The new budget is double compared to last year,” he told IRNA on the sidelines of a visit by a Chinese delegation wanting to expand environmental cooperation with Iran. Desertification and water crisis are among the most pressing issues threatening more than a billion people worldwide, he said. Having fought against desertification for 50 years, the country has much to offer to regional and Middle East countries, he said. “Iran has been struggling with desertification and shrinking woodlands for nearly half a century. Throughout the years we’ve learned many things which can help address the problem on a regional level.” Iran is a member of United Nation’s Convention to Combat Desertification.